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Friday December 28, 2007 8:39PM
John Moore 1947 - 2007

John Moore, Troop Committee Member and father of Senior Patrol Leader David Moore, passed away Wednesday night.

Our condolences to David and his family.

Published in the Quad-City Times on 12/28/2007.

John Earl Moore, 60, died Wednesday, December 26, 2007, at home surrounded by his loving family after a courageous battle with brain cancer.

Visitation will be Friday, December 28, 2007, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Runge Funeral Home, 838 E. Kimberly Road, Davenport. Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 29, 2007, at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, 121 W. 12th St., Davenport.

Born in Monroe, Louisiana, on December 18, 1947, John was proud of his southern heritage. One of his proudest moments was graduating from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He was married shortly thereafter on August 14, 1971, to Barbara Moore (Brewer), the love, anchor and passion of his life. The two would spend their lives together raising the other joys of his life-their four beautiful children.

John and Barbara moved to Iowa in 1974, and John spent eleven years working for Eagle Signal. He also completed his MBA. Following this, John went on to proudly serve as a civilian in the U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command of the Rock Island Arsenal for 22 years. He retired in November 2006.

John was a proud citizen who took an active role in his community. He was on the vestry and served as chalice bearer at Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church for many years. He also served as a volunteer marshal for over ten years at the John Deere Classic golf tournament. A lover of history, John made sure to incorporate education into each summer's family vacation, often making long detours to show his children important American landmarks.

John was a devoted husband and father who took an active role in the lives of his children. He often volunteered on extended camping trips for his sons' Boy Scout Troops 90 and 43 of the Illowa Council. He loved playing golf with his sons. He taught all his children how to play softball, served as a children's softball coach and was head umpire. One of John's fondest memories was of a recent fishing trip he took with his youngest son, David, to Northern Minnesota, where he showed David how to catch his first Walleye.

The twilight hours of John's life showed his dogged determination and love of life. He beat odds and surprised renowned experts with his capacity to shrug off his illness and continue living. Even after the disease made speech and walking difficult, John continued to play his favorite game, dominoes, and continued to frustrate his children by winning.

John is survived in loving remembrance by his wife, Barbara; his two sons, David Moore of Davenport, Iowa, and Brian Moore and wife Angela of Minneapolis, Minn.; his two daughters, Jeannette Sample and husband Todd of Minneapolis, Minn. and Stephanie Moore Gadzik and husband Michael Gadzik along with two grandchildren, Meredith and Henry Gadzik of Appleton, Wis.; his three brothers, Fred Moore, Jr., Kenneth Moore, and Michael Moore, all of Oak Ridge, La.; and his parents, Fred, Sr. and Viola Moore of Oak Ridge, La.

John was preceded in death by his brother, Charles Richard.
The family asks that remembrances be made in his name to the Northwestern Memorial Foundation in support of brain tumor research, 676 N. St. Clair, Suite 2050, Chicago, IL, 60611.

Monday December 24, 2007 4:35PM
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Monday December 17, 2007 4:44PM
Troop Winter Dinner
In celebration of the Holidays, on Wednesday, December 12th, the Troop Committee members met at Hickory Gardens for dinner. We had a good turn out of 22 members and spouses. As the boys would say, "It was fun and the food was good"! Don Coker took a few photos and they are listed in the photo section of the Web site. Committee Chairman Tim Barton had a "short" speech, thanking each of us for the successful year that we have had and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mike Moritz and Mark VH provided a 2007 Troop Year in Review for everyone to look over.
Thursday December 13, 2007 10:45AM
Eagle Cave Nov 30, Dec 1, 2 2007
This year's Eagle Cave trip was as enjoyable as always. We had 16 scouts and 5 adults that left the school on time and travelled north through Dubuque and on to Eagle Cave. we were the second group to arrive on Friday night so we camped in the farthest end of the cave. It wasn't the wettest part of the cave, but it did have some dripping from the ceiling of the cave and there was several puddles on the cave floor. And for the first time I had some wet equipment by the time we went home. There was no curfew on Friday night and the scouts did some exploring, but all was quiet by 1 AM. We rose at 6:30 on Saturday and enjoyed a prepared breakfast of pancakes, sausage & milk. Then it was off to explore. Some of the scouts did the hiking trail supervised bu Mike Solbrig. Others explored all the small holes of the cave with their buddies. Lenny Weiss, Randy Shipman and I did the same and crawled into all the holes our adult bodys would allow us to. Lenny was the man though. He made it into the "Smurf Hole" and got all the way to the end. There the exit was too small and he had to turn around and come out the wany he went in. (The "Smurf Hole" is so named as it is one of the smallest in the cave).

We all met for lunch at 12:30 and had sloppy joes, apple sauce and bug juice. Then off to explore again. By this time there was enough snow on the ground that the outside trail hiking was pretty much done. The cave personal were persistant in trying to keep the parking lot plowed and salted, but it still froze in patches. This made for some interesting walking on the sloped driveway in front of the buildings. (Run Slide, Run Slide, Run Slide . .) At supper time we enjoyed fried chicken (3 pieces), mashed potatoes, corn & bug juice. After supper there were several activities that included: Bingo, Hay rack rides, Campfire & Awards for the Gold Nugget trail. Curfew was 11 pm that night.

Sunday we arose and had the pancake breakfast again and then packed up to go home. After some group pictures and checking out, we made our way home. There was some minor snow inconvenience, but all made it home successfully. Thanks to all the scouts and the adults that made the trip possible.

Check out the pictures here.

Don Coker ASM AIC

Scouts: Cory & Ryan Adair (Ryan was Scout in Charge), Jeremy Erskine, Gregory Klepzig, Andre & JP Menard, Eric Middleton, Nick Moeller, Drew Richter, Keelan Ryan, Andrew Shipman, David & John Solbrig, Zach Thobe, Alex Underwood, Ben Vinar

Adults: Mike Solbrig, Randy Shipman, Michael Menard, Lenny Weiss, Don Coker

Thursday November 22, 2007 9:21AM
2008 Klondike Derby
The Kittan District's 2008 Klondike Derby will be held at Camp Loud Thunder on Jan 19th.

More information on planning your adventure is available here. Don't wait to the last minute to "Be Prepared".
Monday November 05, 2007 9:29PM
Backbone State Park Campout October 19 – 21
10 Scouts and 5 adults enjoyed a brilliant weekend at Backbone State Park. Besides the food being good the trees were in full color.

The first activity Saturday after breakfast was a visit to the Manchester Trout Fish Hatchery. Always an awesome sight to see the thousands of young trout attack the food pellets tossed into the rearing pools. Even more eye popping is in the pool where they keep the brood trout. Some real tackle breakers in there. One of the pictures is of a sturgeon they have in a pool to help clean the bottom.

A return to camp and after lunch the Troop split up into three groups. One group went hiking (which included wading through a stream). Another group went mountain biking that included the same stream to ride through. The group that went fishing also went wading, not because they had too, but the fishing was so poor they waded just for fun.

Sunday after breaking camp and loading up the gear, the whole Troop went on the Backbone Trail that the campground is named after. This was an amazing hike with the beautiful fall colors. The pictures provided a sample of what we saw.

Besides... the food was good.

Dale Lacina
Saturday October 27, 2007 7:22AM
Eagle Scout Ben Wells
On Thursday evening, Ben Wells passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review!!

Congratulations to Ben, his family, and to all the Scouts and Scouters that were part of Ben's journey to Boy Scoutings Highest Rank of Eagle Scout.

Ben's Troop 43 representative was Don Coker.

Monday October 08, 2007 1:48PM

11 Scouts and 5 adults from Troop 43 accepted assignments from Agent Johnson at this years Camporee. The theme was Mission Impossible and after our 7:00 p.m. “mission briefing” from Agent Johnson we split into 2 patrols, the Spartans led by Agent Trevor Wince Johnson had Agents Josh Viner Johnson, Joe Bierl Johnson, Zach Thobe Johnson, Alex Underwood Johnson and Matt Underwood Johnson, their adult leaders were Agents Diane Underwood Johnson and Terry Middleton Johnson. The Ninja warriors were led by Agent Mitchell DeFauw Johnson and had Agents John Solbrig Johnson, Mike Bell Johnson, Eric Middleton Johnson and Tyler James Johnson, their adult leaders were Agents Deb and Joe James Johnson. Agent Don Coker “Johnson” was assisting all agents at Star trek.

Laser Gauntlet was a head to head competition with other teams. On Defense you were blindfolded and had to listen for the enemy and flash your light at them before they crossed your line, on offense you and to attempt to make it past enemy lines without being detected.

Blind Escape had the patrol leader lead his blindfolded team through a series of obstacles, swing on a rope over a pit of hot lava, walk over an 18” wide bridge over a pit filled with sharks and skunks, over stepping stones surrounded by hot lava, through a window and under a trip wire.

Stealth Hike used a black light flashlight to find hidden arrows to guide you through the woods back to Agent Johnson.

Enemy Encampment had us spying on the enemy camp, listening for details about the planned attacks and surveying the area to draw a map.

Star trek we learned some history about star formations and got to look through the telescope.

Signal the Sub was a timed fire starting activity, find all supplies needed and build a fire large enough to burn a string 18” off the ground.

Espionage Adventure had us following a coded message using our compass to find a container of jewels or if you are a little off you find a poisonous spider!

Agent Rescue had us searching behind enemy lines to find stranded secret agent Mr. Johnson. Agent Johnson was wounded and needed first aid and assisted out of enemy territory.

At 10:30 all agents were required to report to Jaws of Death at the mess hall. There we re-charged with a plate of mostaccioli and fruit cocktail! A secret agents job is never done, so after our snack we all headed back out into the field.

Both teams completed their assignments and were back in camp by 2:30 a.m.

The Ninja Warriors took 2nd place in the Stealth Hike, way to go guys!

It was a fun week-end for everyone and thanks to Agents Diane, Joe, Deb and Don for all of their help.

Terry Middleton Johnson
Friday October 05, 2007 12:22PM
Fall Carwash
Saturday September 29, 2007

Today we held our fall carwash. (We have decided to only hold one in the spring and now one in the fall) We had good weather and a good turn out of cars. We made $313.00 on the wash and sold 5 items of popcorn. This was the first time for popcorn here and we weren't sure how that would go. However the carwash was another success. Thanks to all that helped and also thanks to those that donated baked goods and drinks for sale.

Those that attended:
Scouts: Nick Meeks, Nick Moeller, Tyler James, Zach Thobe, Trevor Wince, Alex Underwood, David Solbrig, John Solbrig
Adults: Lisa Solbrig, Cindy Thobe, Chuck Heinselman, David Moeller, Matt Wince, Dale Lacina, Joe & Deb James, Gary Budelier, Brad Lange, Don Coker
Thursday September 13, 2007 9:29PM
Boy Scout Recruitment Night
Hey "43". Mr. Barton and Mr. Lange need your help showing off the Troop on September 27 at West Lake Park from 6:30 until around 8PM. We will be doing activities that we do on campouts, talking about High Adventures, and encouraging boys who have never experienced Scouting, to come join us. There will be a sign up sheet at the next meeting.

Tim Barton

Sunday August 26, 2007 7:46PM
OA Fall Conclave
This past weekend, Konepaka Ketiwa Lodge #38 held it's annual Order of the Arrow Fall Conclave at Camp Loud Thunder.

Twelve members of Troop 43 completed their Ordeal weekend and are now Ordeal members in the Order of the Arrow.

Congratulations to:
Ryan Adair
Joe Bierl
Matt Budelier
Ryan Ellenberg
Joe Ellison
James Gilkison
Chris Meeks
David Moore
Kyle Sager
Josh Vinar
Trevor Wince
Matt Wince

We also had two Ordeal Members seal their Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow:
Ben Wells
Nate Wells

The purpose of the Order of the Arrow is fourfold:

  1. To recognize those Scout campers who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives
  2. To develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit
  3. To promote Scout camping
  4. To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others

Attending the Conclave:
Kyle Barton, Brad Lange, Dale Lacina, Jeff Moritz, Mike Moritz, Adam Van Hoosier, Mark Van Hoosier.

Mike Moritz
Thursday August 16, 2007 6:55PM
BWCAW Report
The Boundary Waters adventure taken by Crew C, consisting of the Tim and Kyle Barton; Marty, Ben, and Nat Wells; Rick Rector, Ryan Ellenberg, and Joe Bierl was a great time. Our trip was well layed out and all the preplanning proved to benefical.

Our trip took us across “big water”, and small streams alike. One of the highlights was camping over night on the same island the Root Beer Lady live on. To think that she lived out in this area well past her 70s is truly amazing.

We also took some interesting portages. One was the Monument Portage, that took us to the border with Canada. We took pictures with the Crew standing on both sides of the line. We tried to keep our portages short, with the longest being around 100 rods. I’ll let you do the math here; a rod is 1 canoe length, or 16.5 feet. We did attempt to avoid a couple of portages be walking against the rapids. Something Mr. Barton regretted and probably will never do again!

On this trip, we had very limited contact with other crews, although we did pass our sister crews once.

Another interesting sight was when we traveled through a fire burnout area along Jasper Lake. This area had been to either fires or is part of the wind damage a few years back. The power of Nature was quite evident.

Those are some of the highlights, but I know the others from Crew C have more to tell. Ask them, plus enjoy the picture posted on the website.

Let me add one more thing on a personal note. CREW C YOU ARE THE BEST! I WILL DO IT AGAIN WITH YOU ANYTIME!!

Tim Barton
Monday August 06, 2007 5:05PM
Troop Planning and Strategy Meeting
Hello to Everyone!

School will be in session very soon and the return of regular Troop meetings will start as well. In preparation for those meetings, we will be having a Troop strategy and planning session on Wednesday, August15th.

Where??? The meeting will be held at ECS, Inc. 5665 Tremont Avenue in Davenport. The meeting will start at 7PM and will continue until completed.

Who should attend??? All Committee members, the Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leaders and their assistants. AND......any interested parent!!!! You are NOT required to stay for the entire meeting, please come and share any opinions or ideas that you may have that will improve our Troop operation and activity level.

What will be discussed???? We will look at the Council Calendar, the School Calendar and the Troop calendar to make plans for the entire year. This is your opportunity to be part of the yearly planning initiative. New camping suggestions are more than welcome.

What can you do if you are not available??? I would like every Troop member and parent to email back to me your personal choices for the top five events of the year. It might be Council activities, it might be Troop activities, it might be Community participation activities. You name it, I want to know about it. I will collate all of this information and bring it to the planning meeting to be reviewed.

I hope to hear back from you all. It was a great year last year, new and exciting challenges lay ahead.

Mark VH
Troop Secretary
Saturday July 07, 2007 7:24AM
Troop Car Wash and Bake Sale!!!
Hello Everyone!

Fundraising Chairperson Sue Rector reports that the Troop Car Wash and Bake Sale on June 30th was a GREAT Success! $433.25 was earned!

Our THANKS goes out to all that participated and donated time, food and energy to the car wash. Special THANKS to Don Coker and the Kwik-Tune Kwik-Lube for being the primary sponsor and to Sue Rector for coordinating the event. Evidently she has some weather connections.

Participants include: Mitchell DeFauw, Adam and Mark Van Hoosier, Cory and Ryan Adair, Jeremy and Petra Erskin, Rickey and Sue Rector, Kyle, Reed and Shelly Sager, Matt and Joe Heinrich, Chris, Nick and Joan Meeks, Joe and Kathy Bierl, The Big Lacina, Matt and Gary Budelier, James and Brad Lange, Jay, Polly and Kirk Graham, Eric Middleton, Spencer and Tim Barton, Brady Welch, Don Laverenz, Chuck Heinselman, Drew and Tina Richter.

We are tentatively planning for another car wash September 8 with rain date September 29

Garage Sale August 16, 17, 18 - can take items earlier - pre-price and mark BS for Boy Scout on the tags.

Your support of OUR TROOP is greatly appreciated!

Mark VH

Sunday June 17, 2007 7:33AM
Car Wash - June 30
We have one more fund raising opportunity for High Adventure trips.
Saturday, June 30
Car Wash


8:30 a.m. set-up
9:00 a.m. - 1 p.m. - Wash lots of cars

Need all the same things - sponges, towels, extra hoses, etc.

We will again be selling sodas and baked goods. Please pre-package baked goods for $.50 sale. Gooey things melt - so caramels and frostings don't hold well.

Please let me know if you will be attending to help wash.

Please let me know if you can provide baked goods.

We can use some additional soda, but do have some left from the other wash.

Thank you
Sue Rector
Tuesday June 05, 2007 8:30AM
Family Camp Out & Court of Honor
Family Camp Out & COH
June 1,2,3 2007 Scott Co Park

On June 1,2,3 2007 we had our family camp out at the Sac Fox camp area of Scott Co Park. Many of you attended. The weather on Friday afternoon was looking a little shaky, but, we received enough break in the rain to gather at the school and get the campsite set up. Everyone's teamwork was shining through as we set up the tents and dining flies without delay or major problems. The rest of the evening before lights out was pretty normal. There was a PLC meeting that planned out the eating and event times for the weekend. And each patrol was assigned a stove and cook/wash kit for the weekend. We did have the SOP of adults trying to keep the scouts from playing in the mud and the fire. Lights out was at 11 PM. All went to sleep to the sound of what we thought was cicadas and a couple of owls hooting back and forth. The night was peaceful till about 4 AM. Then the rain came. And it came in buckets. Accompanied by the thunder and lightening, some bright enough to light up the sky. Luckily, no equipment damage and only a little water in a few tents.

Saturday started with just some sprinkling when breakfast was being prepared. Afterwards the older scouts put on demonstration/learning stations for the younger scouts and the cubs from the Harrison school Cub Scout Pack. The stations went from 9:30 to 11:30 and included: Firem'ns Chit, First Aid, Lashings, Hurry Cases, Flag Folding & Knots. From 11:30 to 2:30 was lunch and free time. Then the stations resumed till 4 pm. In the afternoon the Adams School Cub Scout Pack attended also. During that time we received a visit from the Distric Executive and was complemented on our involving the Cub Scouts in our program. Supper was the meal that everyone cooked over the fire. After some trouble with the fires (due to the rain earlier and the lack of preperation on the part of some) the meals were prepared and all reports were of good eating. The Thunder Catz had Casa Deas, the BSA Warriors had steak and mashed potatoes, the Eagles had a dutch oven pot pie and the Rat Patrol had a pork roast. (The Rat Patrol cooked all 3 meals on Saturday over the fire) I commended the patrol leaders on not having what I thought would be the standard "Foil Dinners" as an easy way out. 8 PM the campfire program began. It started with an American Flag retiring ceremony that was put together by Adam & Mark VanHoosier. Thank you very much. I think everyone was moved. After that was over, the rain started. Buckets came again. The fire for the rest of the ceremony went out and we huddled under the dining fly for an abbreviated skit and announcement program. The rain stopped about 10 PM, but the cracker barrell was washed out by then. Lights out at 11 and we only had regular rain a few times during the night.

Sunday morning greeted us with little or no rain. We all had a leisurely breakfast (since we didn't have to pack up and go home right away) and worked towards breaking camp. Our Scout in Charge assigned all the troop tents and ground cloths to be take home to be cleaned and dried from the rain. After some drying time, we were able to take down the tarps and dining flies without letting them touch the ground. The teamwork was excellent again. All patrols took home the coolers to dry and the extra food to deal with so the trailer inventory won't be so bad. Also, the cook/wash kits and stoves were inspected before packing them in the trailer. The patrol leaders all realized that even though they weren't used for breakfast, the stoves still had to be cleaned and dried. When going through the cook/wash kits, none of them had the proper equipment according to the checklists. However what was missing from one was in somebody else's. If we do this at every camp out, the trailer won't be in such a mess all the time.

Overall, despite the rain, I think the camp out was a great success. We were thanked by both Cub Scout packs who said they had a good time at the demos. Nobody was hurt or lost. And I think most everyone learned something. Either from the demonstrations or teaching the demos or about being prepared or hopefully about trailer organization, even if it was not apparent at the time. We want to thank all the Cubs and families that attended. We hope you had an enjoyable and memorable time.

Those that attended included:
Scout in Charge - Adam VanHoosier

Patrol Leaders - Mitchell DeFauw, Ryan Ellenberg, Trevor Wince

Scouts with the troop: Brody Welch, Joe Bierl, James Lange, David & John Solbrig, Joe Ellison, Jeremy Erskine, Matt Heinrichs, Tyler James, Alex Underwood, Keelan Ryan, Drew Richter, JP Menard

Adults with the troop - Brad & Ann Lange, Matt Wince, Mark VanHoosier, Donna Roe, Mike Moritz, Brook Eckhart & Don Coker (AIC)

Family campers - Terry, Megan & Eric Middleton, Tim & Kyle & Spencer Barton, Tina & Mark & Alex Richter, Martha, Ben, Nate, Molly and Anna Wells, Lenny Weiss, Kristen Stitt & Gregory Klepzig, Tim Welch and his son, John Sr and Jeff Diggs, The Erskine Family, The Heinrich Family

I don't have a complete list of all the families, so if I missed someone I apologize.

Court of Honor
Sunday June 3rd 2007

Sunday was the last Court of Honor for this school year. It was held at the shelter across from the Scott Co Park Swimming pool. Organized by Ryan Ellenberg, some of the scouts hiked from the camp site to the shelter. We had a great turn out, so much so that the shelter was overflowing with scouts and their families. Some cooked on the grills and some brought items, but we had plenty of food. After the eating, the awards were presented. We had 17 scouts receive 27 merit badges and 2 scouts receive their religious knot. Also 10 scouts received a patch for participation in Merit Badge University.
Rank advancement included:
Scout rank: Alexander Bramman, Nicholas Moeller, Drew Richter, Alexander Underwood & Ben Vinar
Tenderfoot: Brody Welch
Second Class: Nick Meeks
Star: Jeff Diggs, Ryan Ellenberg, Kyle Sager, Trevor Wince, Joe Bierl, James Lange, Eric Middleton

Following the presentations were announcements about Summer Camp, Boundary Waters, Jay Graham's Eagle Project and the need for additional parents to come forward and help the troop since we are getting so big. Lastly, there was a recognition of the leaders that help make the troop the success it is.

Thanks to Sue Rector, Darlene Moritz, Shelly Sager, Cindy Thobe and anyone else that helped with the set up and clean up.

Hope you all have a great summer and I hope to see you at the car wash on the 30th and the family night at summer camp.

Be sure to check out the pictures.

Don Coker
Monday May 28, 2007 6:54AM
May At Loud Thunder
On May 18, 19, and 20 we camped at the Cub Scout area of Loud Thunder Boy Scout Camp. The weather was B-E-A-U-TIFUL!! This was the same weekend of the MALT, May At Loud Thunder event for the Illowa Cub Scouts. Since another BSA Troop was not able to help with the event, we volunteered to fill in. After a cool Friday night, we had breakfast and off to build a stage for the evening’s MALT ceremonies. Mr. John Diggs, Sr. was in charge of the ceremony and with his guidance the Troop had the stage assembled and firewood gathered for the bonfire.

We then headed to the upper camp and helped escort the incoming Cub Scouts and their families to their assigned campsites. This led up to lunch back at our base campsite. A quick lunch and back to the upper camp where the MALT activities were to be held. The Scouts of Troop 43 were paired up and went to the various activities to monitor and expedite the Cubs’ fun and games. Our Scouts were wonderful at helping the Cubs and received many compliments from the MALT leaders.

As the afternoon activities ended, we made our way back to the base camp for dinner. On with our Class A uniforms and off to the evening ceremony. Mr. Diggs was the emcee starring as James Bond. The theme of the MALT weekend was Heroes. Mr. Diggs later appeared as Davey Crockett. Several skits were presented from the Cub and Boy Scout troops in attendance including two from Troop 43. A visit from the Steam Wheelers Arena Football owner and players was impressive. The ceremony culminated in the arrival of the spirits of Lord Baden Powell and Akela to oversee the advancements of all the Cubs to their next rank. To celebrate this event, everyone was invited to go to the Dining Hall and snack on a Frosty Malt.

But the night was still young and Mr. Diggs was able to rig the screen from the ceremony into a BIG movie screen and the night owls of the Troop started to watch a movie until the evening dew messed up the dvd player.

Sunday morning breakfast was FANTASTIC especially as we did not have to cook or clean up. We were invited to eat with the Cubs at the dining hall. Another hat Mr. Diggs had to wear this weekend was a leader of the Scout Ceremony at the Chapel. Back to camp to pack up and head home. A furious pace yet fun filled weekend.

Be sure to check out the pictures.

Dale Lacina

Scouts attending: Mike Bell, JP Menard, Jeff Diggs, John Diggs, Jr., Nick Meeks, Chris Meeks, David Moore, Kyle Sager SIC, Adam Van Hoosier, Trevor Wince, and Nate Wells.

Scouters: John Diggs, Sr., Dale Lacina, AIC
Tuesday May 15, 2007 3:09PM
Car Wash
On May 12th we had a car wash to raise money for this year's and future High Adventure trips. It was heald at KwikTune KwikLube on the corner of Kimberly & Bridge. The weather was great. It was 80's and sunny. . . Perfect for getting people out and about. At one time we had 8 cars in line either getting washed or waiting to get washed. We also had good donations of pop, water and baked goods to sell. We had and excellent turn out of Scouts and adults to help get the washes done fast. I am very proud of the effort that everybody put in to make this a success. As a result of your efforts, we raised $412.00. Thank you all for helping. And thanks to Sue Rector for your organizing help. We will have another one on the 30th of June, I hope we do just as well then.

Don Coker

Those that helped: J.P. Menard, Ben, Nate & Martha Wells, Kyle & Tim Barton, Jeff & John Diggs Sr, Dave & Joe Bierl, Tim & Brody Welch, Eric & Terry Middleton, Matt Heinrichs, Brad & James Lange, Ryan Ellenberg, Tyler, Joe & Deb James, Chuck & Mickey Prosise, Dale Lacina, Drew & Tina Richter, Gary Gilkison, Chuck Heinselman, Nick Moeller, Kyle & Shelly Sager, Chris Meeks, Sue Rector, Gary & Matt Budelier, Don Coker
Monday May 07, 2007 2:55PM
Springfield - Lincoln Pilgramage
UPDATE: Pictures are here.

On April 27, 28 & 29th we attended the 62nd Annual Lincoln Pilgramage in Springfield. IL. For those of you that missed it, we had good weather and NO RAIN!! It was 75 to 80 and some sun during the day and 50 or so at night. (Great sleeping weather) Mr Laverenz and Mr Welch took 6 scouts down early Friday morning and procured a camp site and set up tents and the dining fly. Thank You. The rest of us arrived about 8:45 Friday night. Saturday morning we toured the New Salem homes where Lincoln lived. There were 3 or 4 that had people giving demo's of how the life was at that time. I thought the Tavern and the Wood Worker's were the most interesting. (The Tavern was more like a restaurant than a drinking place) In the afternoon we went into Springfield and visited Lincoln's home and some of the places he worked. (There was a good tour narrative at the Post Office / Law Office) On Sunday we visited Lincoln/s tomb and participated in the Parade from the tomb to the Old State Capitol. There was estimated 10,000 Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies ETC for the Parade. Our Chris Meeks represented our troop in the "Avenue of the American Flags" After we drove partway home to Peoria and had supper at either Subway or Long John Silvers. Thanks to the drivers. Over all a good trip.

Oh yes, The food was good and we had more than enough if you weren't too picky to eat regular food.

Don Coker ASM

Scouts: Brody Welch, Kyle & Reed Sager, Jeremy Erskine, Chris & Nick Meeks, James Lange, Gregory Klepzig, Zach Thobe, JP Menard, Michael Corey Jr
Adults: Don Laverenz, Tim Welch, Brad Lange, Lenny Weiss, Don Coker
Monday April 23, 2007 9:43AM
All Saints Bridging
On Thursday April 19th, Troop 43 bridged 5 new scouts from Pack 241 at All Saints school. We just keep growing. Welcome to the new scouts and their parents.

In attendance were:
Scouts: Josh Vinar, Mitchel DeFauw, Spencer Barton
Adults: Don Laverenz, Tim Barton, Don Coker
Monday April 16, 2007 9:29AM
Adopt-A-Highway April 2007
As part of our continuing Service Project, Scouts from Troop 43 participated in our Adopt-a-Highway Activity on Saturday, April 14th. We have adopted a section of highway 130 passing directly through Maysville, Iowa. We left promptly at 8AM and were able to complete our project by 10:30AM. The Scouts did a great job of policing both sides of the road both in the country and through town.

Be sure to check out the pictures.

Scouts participating: Trevor Wince, Eric Middleton, Mike Bell, James Gilkison, Matt Bell, Ted Dawson, David Moore, Ben Wells and Adam Van Hoosier.

Thanks to Don Laverenz and Mike Dawson for providing transportation and supervision.
Thanks to Mrs. Van Hoosier for providing cup cakes and milk for a treat.

Adam, Ben and James did a good job of providing additional leadership.

Mark Van Hoosier
AAH Coordinator
Monday April 02, 2007 2:52PM
Troop Trailer Reorganization
Update: Pictures are here

On Saturday March 31st volunteers met at ECS to work on cleaning and organizing the Troop trailer. Everything was removed and the entire trailer was vacuumed out. All equipment was reviewed to insure that it was in good operating condition for the upcoming camping season. The patrol totes were taken apart and reassembled to ensure that each Patrol had all of its assigned cooking and clean supplies. All totes had inventory lists and numbers assigned to them for accountability after future campouts. The food totes were reviewed and out of date food was removed. The trailer inventory sheet is being updated.

Our Thanks to: Quarter Master Chuck Prosise and volunteers; Don Coker, Dale Lacina, Joe Heinrichs and Mark Van Hoosier. Participating Scouts: Matt Heinrichs and Adam Van Hoosier
Sunday April 01, 2007 3:49PM
Training Opportunities

April 2007 Scoutlook

Climbing Instructor Training
is for Boy Scout or Venturing Leaders who wish to take their Scouts climbing or rappelling. It begins at Loud Thunder and ends at Mississippi Palisades State Park. The $35 fee includes meals, participants must be at least 18 to certify or 16 to participate, and must attend all 3 days.

Next Offered: April 13-15, Camp Loud Thunder.

Den Chief Training
is leadership training that teaches Boy Scouts how to be great assistants for Den leaders and their Cub Scouts. The cost is $10 (price has been reduced) which includes the current Den Chief Handbook. Scouts should bring a sack lunch.

Next Offered: 8:30am-4:30pm, April 21,
Loud Thunder, registration due April 13.

Outdoor Leader Skills
is a full "overnight" of instruction about important outdoor skills for Scouting leaders. The fee is $15/participant-meals included. Participation in the overnight portion is required, and you will need personal hygiene and eating gear, a sleeping bag and appropriate clothing. The session will run from 8:00am Saturday through Sunday afternoon.

Next Offered: **April 21-22 (date change), Camp Loud Thunder

COPE Unit Team Training
is specifically for all Boy Scout Troop PLC's, Venture Crew Leadership Teams, and other groups of youth leaders. Each unit team may be no larger than 8 members with no more than 2 teams per session (maximum of 16 youth). Each unit will tent and cook for itself and 1-2 guests. This course is designed to train and motivate and existing unit leadership team. It's NOT like the Summer Camp experience. The cost is $20 per youth and $5 for the non-participating adult.

Next Offered: 7:00pm April 27. 5:00pm
April 29, Upper Camp at Loud Thunder.

Pine Tree Junior Leader Training
Pine Tree JLT is a great way to have your Troop's Patrol Leader's Council become educated in the elements of leadership - and it's a lot of fun. It will be held at Loud Thunder over the Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28. Troops will soon receive the registration information in the mail. The first youth nominee from each Troop will be given preference, and additional boys from that Troop may attend if space is available. Pine Tree is a challenging course, and Scouts attending should be physically and mentally ready for its rigors. Participants must have a complete Boy Scout Field uniform as well as sleeping, eating and personal gear. Pine Tree is frequently a pivotal experience in a youth leader's development. Please complete the registration process no later than May 15. Let Pine Tree bring out the best in your youth leaders... that's what it does!

Tuesday March 20, 2007 8:25AM
Scouts visit Riverside Generating Station
Update: Pictures are here

Thanks goes out to our Committee Chairman Tim Barton for arranging and conducting a very interesting site tour of MidAmerican Energy’s Riverside Generating Station. We all learned about the processes of turning coal into steam, steam into mechanical energy and mechanical energy into electricity. Scouts and parents viewed the coal delivery and handling areas (including some way cool heavy equipment that Mr. Barton gets to operate) boiler areas, coal hoppers and the turbine room. Most interesting was the Control Center. All plant activities are monitored and controlled from this room. Operators are on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The Control room is an interesting blend of old age mechanical control and ultra modern computer control systems.

Scouts attending were Adam VH, Eric Middleton, Jeremy Erskine, Joe Ellison, David Solbrig James Lange and James Gilkison. Troop 43 adults were Tim Barton, Mark VH, Mike Solbrig and Terry Middleton. We were joined by 10-15 Cub Scouts and parents from the Harrison School Cub Scout Pack where Tim is a leader and Spencer is a Cub Scout.

Thanks Tim, we enjoyed the tour a great deal.
Monday March 19, 2007 12:58PM
Here's an opportunity to earn those much needed service hours. Once again we have been asked to participate in JOINHANDSDAY on May 5th at Nahant Marsh in Southwest Davenport.Hours are from 9am-noon. There will be a signup sheet at the next 2 Troop Meetings. Deadline to signup is at the end of the March 26 meeting. This is a great way to help clean up a unique protected area within the city, and earn those service hours for rank. See Mr. Barton if you have any questions.
Friday February 16, 2007 5:30PM
Earth Week Fair
The following Merit Badge opportunities are available at the Earth Week Fair:

Fish and Wildlife Management study
Requirements: 5, 6, 7

Soil and Water Conservation Study
Requirements: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Bird study
Requirements: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8

Geology study
Requirements: 3, 4, 5, 6

Nature study
Requirements: 1, 2, 3, 4

The following was posted on the Council Website.

The Earth Week Fair will take place on Saturday, April 21, 2007 from 10:00am-4:00pm at the QCCA Expo Center (2621 4th Avenue, Rock Island).

Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts can complete various badge requirements at this event. There will even be a “Recycled Fashion Show” for Scouts wishing to model a cool outfit made from recycled products.

There is no cost associated with this event. Pre-registration is necessary so that adequate supplies are available.

Registration is due by March 1st to Erin Robinson at QC Earth Week Coalition, PO Box 2245, Davenport, IA 52809, Phone: (563) 386-9575. Visit for more information.

Monday February 05, 2007 6:10PM
Scout Sunday
Scouts from Troop 43 and Pack 43 celebrated Scout Sunday at Holy Family Church on Feb. 4th. Scouts attended Mass and participated as the lector, readers, ushers and gift bearers. A flag ceremony was also held before Mass started.

A special addition this year was the presentation of the Ad Altare Dei religious emblem to Josh Vinar. This award is earned after several months of classes and a service project. It is a great honor and achievement. Congratulations Josh!

Kathy Bierl

Boy Scouts who participated:
Matt Bell
Mike Bell
Joe Bierl
Jeff Diggs
John Diggs
Jeremy Erskine
David Solbrig
John Solbrig
Josh Vinar

Kathy Bierl
John Diggs
Mike Solbrig

Cub Scouts:
Tyler Erskine
Joshua Kopp
Bryce Klemme
Ben Vinar from Holy Family Pack 241

Thursday February 01, 2007 8:16PM
Cool Graphics Art Work
Adam Van Hoosier is taking a graphics art class in school and they are studying 3D graphics. Adam created some pretty cool Scout art work.

Nice job Adam!!!
Monday January 29, 2007 1:46PM
January camp-out
Greetings everyone,

For our January Camp-out we spent the week-end at Loud Thunder. After getting everything in the cabin we all went to get our cross country skies and meet the new camp ranger Steve Hughes. Steve had a nice talk with the boys, explaining to them that as Boy Scouts the Boy Scout Camp belongs to them. He talked about how they should take “ownership” of the camp by respecting the property and keeping it clean.

Taking advantage of the slightly melted snow Friday night a few of the boys had a snowball fight. Dale decided he was going to spend the night outside…No tent and no sleeping bag (what were you thinking?).His only complaint was that his feet got cold!

Saturday was a great day to cross country ski! After breakfast Brad took everyone to the big field by the pool and taught us the techniques of cross country skiing. After a little practice he turned the boys loose to ski. While the boys were out, Brad, Dale and I took a skiing tour of the camp grounds with Brad leading the way. I don’t know about the boys, but we adults used muscles that we did not know we had! Tim arrived just before lunch and brought his son Spencer to spend the night with us. All of the boys did a great job of making Spencer feel welcome and I think he had a good time. The afternoon was spent skiing, sledding and fire making.

Saturday night John Diggs Sr., his sons John Jr. and Jeff came to visit bearing gifts of ice cream and fixings for sundaes. What a great treat for everyone, Thanks John!

Sunday arrived and after breakfast & clean-up we were ready for Ranger Steve to inspect the cabin. When Trevor called the troop to attention (great idea Dale) Ranger Steve was quite surprised and impressed. After another talk from Steve it was time to head home.
16 boys 4 adults out, 16 boys 4 adults home…another successful camp-out!
The food was good, the weather was nice………….

Pictures are here.

Terry Middleton
Thursday January 25, 2007 7:31PM
Merit Badge University
The date for Merit Badge University has been changed from March 3 to March 24. More information can be found here.
Monday January 22, 2007 8:05AM
Klondike Derby
On January 20th we attended the Kittan District Klondike Derby. We had great weather for this event. It was about 20 degrees, the sun was out, the sky was blue and there was very little wind if any. We actually had everybody show up and were able to leave from Adams School at the designated time. Way to go!! However we did have a little delay once we got to camp for two reasons. First we had people from our troop working at Klondike so we needed to be there early. Second the start of the event was delayed for a half hour waiting for all the judges to get to their stations. This meant we were just hanging around outside for about an hour before the patrols were able to check in. However, after this our patrols were off and having fun. Out of the 350 or so people and 33 patrols, we had 46 scouts and scouters and 4 patrols that attended the competition. There were 8 point scored events and 1 timed event that had 3 different trial points. Some of the events included: Knowledge of winter exposure, Log sawing, Nature knowledge, Fire building & Knot tying. Some of the skills our patrols did real well in and others not so good. However, due to the lack of scouts over the rank of First Class and the abundance of brand new scouts and Cub Scouts, I think they had a fine showing. Here are the standings of the first place patrols and the scores of our patrols to compare:

Point Events: First Place had 716 points

Jesters 668
Eagles 661

Flaming Arrows 650
(Black Widows)
BSA Warriors 599

Timed Event: First Place was 20 minutes

Eagles 30 min 5 sec

Jesters 30 min 28 sec

Flaming Arrows 34 min 36 sec

BSA Warriors 44 min 45 sec

If we look at this as a "Rebuilding Year" and continue to work on our Scouting Skills, we can do even better next year. I would like to thank Dave Bierl and Gary Budelier and the others who volunteered for transporting our sleds to and from camp. And Mrs Moritz for storing our sleds for the rest of the year. Also I want to thank the Cub Scouts and parents from All Saints school for attending with us. We welcome you and look forward to your bridging later this school year. Also thanks to all the leaders and adults that helped drive and went around with the patrols.

Pictures are here.

Don Coker

Those that attended:
Scouts: David Moore, Nick Meeks, Jeremy Erskin, Kyle Sager, Reed Sager, Mike Bell, Gregory Klepzig, Matt Budelier, Michael Corry Jr, Eric Middleton, Ted Dawson, Josh Vinar, Alex Perkins, JP Menard, Joe Bierl, Brody Welch, Trevor Wince, Jeff Diggs, David Solbrig, Matthew Heinrichs, Cody Crawford, Nicholas Moeller

Adults: Terry Middleton, Gary Budelier, Tim Welch, Mike Solbrig, Leonard Weiss, Eugene Erskine, Roger Crawford, David Moeller, Dave Bierl, Don Coker

Workers and Judges: Don Laverenz Sr, Donnie Laverenz Jr, Brad Lange, Kyle Barton, John Diggs Sr, John Diggs Jr, Joe Heinrichs
Monday January 15, 2007 6:35PM

February 4, 2007

This year the Cub Scout Pack from All Saints School will be having their mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I would still like to continue this tradition at Holy Family Church and have our Scouts participate in mass on this day.

Any Catholic Scout who would like to participate in Scout Sunday at the 9 AM mass at Holy Family Church needs to contact me by January 25th. I do need a firm commitment of at least 8 Scouts in order to do this. We would practice on Sat. Feb. 3rd in the morning.

This is a time honored tradition and is received very favorably by our parish is one way we can fulfill the Scout Promise to do our Duty to God.

Thanks so much,
Kathy Bierl

Tuesday January 02, 2007 10:45AM
January Scoutlook News Letter
The latest edition of the Scoutlook news letter is available here.

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