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Monday December 19, 2005 9:53PM
Northern Lights 2006
Loud Thunder Scout Reservation
February 11 & 12
Registration 8:00 am to 9:00 am

Learn about winter survival and have an opportunity to practice your skills.

Cost is $15.00 for the Morning and Overnight sessions and $10.00 for just the Morning session. You must be 13 and over for the overnight session. Lunch will be provided for all. Dinner and a Hot Breakfast will be provided with the overnight session.

A two-part patch will be available for purchase. One for each session attended.

Please come dressed in suitable clothing for the weather conditions. For those staying overnight, be sure to review the equipment list on the back of this page for the items you will need to bring with you.


For further information contact:

Steve Miller 563-332-9411 or William Buckley 309-762-9503

Northern Lights Registration Form

Northern Lights Equipment List
Thursday December 15, 2005 8:37PM
New Scouts
Tonight 5 Webelo Scouts from Pack 683 bridged over and will be joining Troop 43. Please be sure to extend a warm welcome to: Nickolas Barry, Michael Corry, Ted Dawson, Matthew McDonnell, and Nicholas Meeks.

Representing Troop 43
Scouts: Matt Bell, Mike Bell, Chris Meeks, Kyle Sager, and Zach Thobe
Adults: Don Laverenz, Mike Moritz
Thursday December 15, 2005 5:17PM
"Life to Eagle" Seminar for Boy Scouts, Families, Leaders

Announcing a “Life to Eagle” seminar for Boy Scouts in the Kittan District of the Illowa council.

All Life & Star ranked Scouts and a parent or guardian within the Kittan district are invited to attend a seminar presented by the Kittan District - Eagle Board of Review on Saturday, January 28th, 2006 at Christ United Methodist Church.

This Eagle seminar is intended to simplify and explain the Eagle rank process to all future Eagle scouts. Your questions will be answered! Troop leaders are welcome - especially Troop Advancement Coordinators.

The following topics will be presented:

Your Eagle project:
  • What is an acceptable project
  • What is not an acceptable project
  • When should you start your project
  • The project approval process & Why
  • Documenting your Eagle project

    Eagle Paperwork
  • Filling out the application
  • Requirement #6
  • Letters of Recommendation process

    Eagle Approval Timeline
  • Who does what & When
  • What to expect
  • How long does it take

    Eagle Board of Review
  • Who are these people?
  • Practice sessions
  • What to expect
  • What is an advocate or sponsor ?
  • Contact information
  • How best to prepare

    Your questions answered, including:
  • How parents can best help their sons
  • Troop responsibilities
  • Resolving Issues & Getting help

    Time: 8:30am – 11:30am on 28-Jan-06

    We will have a Pot Luck on break goodies (please bring cookies / pastries to share)

    Coffee provided – soda available from the machine

    Place: Christ United Methodist Church
    2330 W. 41 st
    Davenport, Iowa
    (on Pine Street, 1 block North of the West Kimberly HY-VEE)

    Questions, concerns or suggestions contact:
    Scott Johnson (chairman)
    Tuesday December 13, 2005 5:48PM
    Merit Badge Opportunities

    Note: These articles are from the Illowa Council Website

    Jan 8 - Snow Sports Merit Badge Program 2006

    Join us for an opportunity to complete the Snow Sports Merit Badge in either down hill or snow boarding speciality areas. We are able to utilize Ski Snowstar's "snow" and experienced staff to provide a fun and safe learning experience for all Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts. Arrangements have been made to offer you this at a discounted rate compared to the regular fees.

    Class begins at Christ United Methodist Church at 12:30 PM on January 8, 2006.

    If interested, please read the attached information as there are things you will need to bring on January 8.

    Print information
    Registration form
    Permission Slip
    Class 1 and 2 Medical Forms

    Questions? call Gary Pearsall (309) 762-4345

    Jan 16 - First Aid and Safety Badge Workshop

    When: January 16th
    Time: 9:45-12:15 or 12:45-3:15
    Where: American Red Cross
    1100 River Drive
    Moline, IL 61266
    Cost: $1 (to cover the cost of materials)

    Please contact Kristina Bouxsein at 309-743-2166 (ext. 129)
    by January 10th to reserve a time for your troop.

    Feb 25 - First Aid and Medicine Merit Badge Clinics

    The 4th annual Illowa Council First Aid & Medicine Merit Badge Clinic will be offered on Saturday, February 25th, at Illini Hospital, 801 Illini Drive in Silvis, Illinois.

    In addition to the First Aid MB (no longer taught at camp), '06 continues the availability of the Medicine MB (for those Scouts who have completed First Aid) as well as Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat training for adult Scouters.

    Both MB's are limited to the first 100 participants, with clinics starting at 8:30am for registration and ending by 3:30pm.

    Participants should bring a sack lunch and Scouts taking the First Aid MB should bring their assembled first aid kit. The fee for youth will be $10, with no charge for adult training (but registration is required). Scouts should bring a Blue Card for each MB, but there will be no "partials" granted for First Aid.

    Full information and registration forms are available online at the Council website as well as in the Trading Post. Don't miss this important event; register now!

    Monday November 28, 2005 8:55AM
    Klondike Sled Sealing
    Saturday November 26

    We had a great turn out for the Klondike Slead sealing project. There were 10 scouts and 5 adults. The sealing was done in less than an hour. The Scouts did a great job. They pitched right in and the sleds look great. The golden colored sealer was just right. All that's left is to put the ropes on after they are purchased.

    Don Coker

    Scouts: Matt & Mike Bell, James Lange, Ben & Nate Wells, Trevor Wince, Kyle Barton, Cory & Ryan Adair, Mitchel DeFau

    Adults: Brad Lange, Marty Wells, Matt Wince, Julie Adair, Don Coker
    Saturday November 19, 2005 5:50PM
    Requirement Change for the First Class Rank
    Beginning January 1, 2006, a new requirement will be added to the First Class rank in Boy Scouting that tests the candidate's persuasive communication skills and will help make Scouting available to more boys. It reads:
    "Tell someone who is eligible to join Boy Scouts, or an inactive Boy Scout, about your troop's activities. Invite him to a troop outing, activity, service project, or meeting. Tell him how to join or encourage the inactive Boy Scout to become active."
    Scouts beginning work on this rank after Jan 1, 2006 must complete the new requirement. Scouts currently working on this rank do not have to complete the new requirement as long as all current First Class rank requirements are fulfilled prior to June 30, 2006.

    All Scoutmasters should have received a DVD containing tools Scouts can use to complete the new requirements. See your District Executive if you have not received this information.
    Saturday November 12, 2005 9:45AM
    Rocky Mountain National Park
    A link as been added to provide information on the proposed trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in 2006.
    * Event Information
    * 2006 Rocky Mountain National Park

    Sunday October 30, 2005 5:52AM
    Adopt A Highway
    It was a beautiful fall morning Saturday, October 29th. Members of Troop 43 participated in the fall Adopt A Highway on our stretch of Highway 130 near Maysville. We collected 9 bags of trash from along the highway and through town. I believe that we are truly appreciated in this event as many people would slow as they passed us and many would smile and wave. I was particularly pleased with the Scouts as they did an excellent job of staying on task and working safely. We enjoyed a beautiful morning and many of the boys commented on the fresh country air (manure smell). Several of the Scouts found surprises planted along the roadway to keep it interesting. They found “Get out of Dishes Passes”, “Eat first and second at Court of Honor Passes” and even a “Go to Whiteys with Mr. Van Hoosier Pass”. One of the adults, “Eagle Eye Dave Bierl”, located a leaf from an artificial plant on the ground and we had to convene a leaders meeting to determine if it should go back to nature, or into the trash bag. Thanks to all that helped on this project, it went very smoothly. Many hands make for small work. We will return to the area in the spring. See photos of this event on the Troop photo page.

    Crew Leaders: Joe Bierl, David Moore, Adam Van Hoosier and Nate Wells
    Crew: Cory Adair, Ryan Adair, Mike Bell, Matt Bell, Matt Budelier, Joe Ellison and Kyle Sager.
    Adult Volunteers: Dave Bierl, Gary Budelier, Dale Lacina, John Moore, Mike Moritz and Mark VH.

    Tuesday October 25, 2005 9:50PM
    Klondike Derby Sleds
    Tonight 4 adults and 1 Scout met to build new Klondike Sleds. Pictures are here.

    I must say, I'm really disappointed at the lack of Scouts in attendance. With 33 Scouts in the Troop, we should have had a much better turnout. Remember, this is your Troop and the Adults are here to help you, they are not here to do everything for you. The sleds are built and now need to be stained. We will be looking for Scouts to stain the sleds. If they don't get stained before Klondike you won't be able to use them. It's your choice.

    Scout: Ben Wells
    Adults: Don Coker, Brad Lange, Mike Moritz, Marty Wells

    A special thank you to Mr Coker. He reviewed different plans and selected one to use. He built a proto-type. He purchased the materials and had everything ready to go for building them. He offered his shop for building the rest. Thanks Don!!!

    Mike Moritz
    Monday October 24, 2005 12:30PM
    Backpacking Trip October 22, 23 2005
    On Saturday the 22nd, We met at new St Anns Church and backpacked to Scott Co Park. The weather was cool but just right for the trip to the park. We arrived before dark and set up camp trying to simulate the conditions at boundry waters. Each scout was given the task to build a fire from scratch and boil water in a paper bowl. Some got smoke, some got fire, some even got the water to boil. Adam Prosise was the first to get a good fire that boiled the water. Good job Adam. Then we had 3 fires going for the foil dinners. (14 of them!) We made baked apples for dessert, an idea suggested by Brad Lange. They tasted great, thanks Brad. The boys set up a bear bag for the food and after discussing the changes that could be done, we hit the sack about 11. It must have been below 32 because the water in the water bottles froze overnight. Polar Bear Patch? Sunday was colder, but "The Food Was Good". Anybody that was still hungary, it's their own fault, as there was food left over. We had an instruction on how to brush teeth and wash hands at camp, without a sink. No excuse now, is there boys? We broke camp and packed to the main shelter, where we had a trail lunch. Thanks Mickey, for the jerky. Some scouts were able to repack and had an easier time walking the trip out. (Basic fire building and pack training is still needed though.) We missed the rain until the last 5 minutes of the trip. All in all the scouts who participated have a better idea of what a backpacking or high adventure trip is like. No one was injured and I think everyone learned something. Thanks to the adults that attended.

    Don Coker

    Scouts: Rickey Rector, Kyle Barton, Adam Prosise, David Moore, Jess Robinson, Mike and Matt Bell, James Gilkison, James Lange

    Adults: Tim Barton, Scott Robinson, Brad Lange, John Bell, Don coker
    Thursday October 13, 2005 5:07PM
    Illowa Council Camporee
    Troop 43 participated in the Council Camporee the weekend of October 8th. We had 15 Scouts and 5 Adults participate with the Troop. We also hosted 20 Scouts and Adults from Pack 43 and Pack 683. Saturday morning was filled with competitions through out Camp Loud Thunder for the Boy Scouts and special competitions for the Webelos at the Fort. In the afternoon there were combined activities for the boys. Saturday evening provided an action packed campfire activity with videos, skits and awards. Pack 43 was awarded a 1st Place Award for the activities. Those spending the night on Friday qualified for the Illowa Council Winter Camping Award. We had a special treat on Friday night with treats provided by Lisa Wince in celebration of Trevor’s birthday and ice cream drumsticks provided by Shelly Sager. Portions of the food for the event were donated by: Martin Brothers Distributors / Shelly Sager – Rep.

    Scouts: Chris Meeks, Adam Van Hoosier, Mike and Matt Bell, Trevor Wince, Kyle Sager, David Moore (Scout in Charge), Jess Robinson, Joe Bierl, Matt Budelier, James Lange, Nate and Ben Wells, Andrew Solis and Zach Thobe.

    Adults: Don Laverenz, Scott Robinson, Don Coker and Mark Van Hoosier (Adult in Charge), Matt Wince and Gary Budelier.

    Thursday October 06, 2005 9:16PM
    Troop 43 Leaders
    Tonight the Youth Leaders of Troop 43 met for the monthly PLC (Patrol Leader Council).

    In Attendance:
       Scouts - Kyle Barton, Mitchell DeFauw, Jeff Moritz, Rickey Rector, Adam Van Hoosier, Ben Wells, Nate Wells
       Adults - Tim Barton, Don Coker, Mike Moritz, Mark Van Hoosier

    During this meeting the boys made some changes to the current leadership positions. Please join me in providing your continuing support to these leaders.

    Troop 43 Leaders
       SPL - Jeff Moritz
       ASPL - Kyle Barton

    Black Widows
       PL - Mitchell DeFauw
       APL - Ryan Adair
    BSA Warriors
       PL - Rickey Rector
       APL - Josh Vinar

    Red-tailed Hawks
       PL - Ben Wells
       APL - Adam Van Hoosier

       PL - Nathan Wells
       APL - David Moore

    SPL - Senior Patrol Leader
    ASPL - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
    PL - Patrol Leader
    APL - Assistant Patrol Leader

    Wednesday September 28, 2005 7:59PM
    Court of Honor
    Monday night's Court of Honor was one of the best I can remember. We had a great turnout of family and friends, and there was plenty of great food to be shared.

    Congratulations to all the Scouts who had their hard work recognized. You guys are doing a great job and I hope you continue your hard work.

    Pictures courtesy of Mrs Laverenz. Thanks Margy!!

    Friday September 23, 2005 8:03PM
    2006 Council Philmont Adventure!
    The following is posted on the Illowa Council Website.

    The Chairman of the Counil's new High Adventure Committe, R.D. Dunkin, recently announced the details of the 2006 Council Philmont contingent. There will be room for 2 Crews/24 participants to attend Philmont between July 24th and August 5th, 2006, as part of the Council contingent, with appropriate time for travel before and after. Following contingent leader selection, Scouts or Venturers who will be 14 years old or in the 8th grade at the time of participation may apply to be a part of the contingent. Adults wishing to be contingent leaders should complete the Contingent Leader Application form and have it received in the Council Office by Wednesday, October 5th. Interviews for leader positions will be held at the Council Office on Thursday, October 6th, between 6:30 and 9PM; please call the Council Office at 563-388-7233 to schedule an interview time.
    Sunday September 18, 2005 6:10PM
    Mississippi Palisades Campout
    A great campout at Mississippi Palisades Park this weekend. The weather was ideal, the boys were excited and worked hard, and a great time was had by all. Pictures are here.

    Cory Adair fulfilled rank requirement by cooking a meal over an open fire. James Gilkison created a camp gadget and completed a 1 mile compass course. Eric Middleton and James Lange fulfilled a rank requirement by preparing and cooking a Troop meal. They also helped plan and purchased all the food for our meals. Mike Bell and Eric Middleton completed their final Tenderfoot requirements and passed their Board of Review.

    Our Senior Scouts provided valuable help. Kyle Barton, our campout Scout in Charge, did a great job organizing the campout and spent a lot of time working with the Scouts in preparing our meals. He also setup a 1-mile compass course, in the dark. Adam Van Hoosier kept the boys busy with evening games. He also did a great job working with James, providing some guidance on the compass course. Both Kyle and Adam never hesitated when asked to help with work, or to help out a fellow scout. Great job guys!

    Even our Webelo guest, Reed Sager, made good use of the campout in getting some of his Webelo requirements completed.

    Thanks to the adults who helped out: Tim Barton, Brad Lange, Mike Moritz, and Shelly Sager.

    Scouts attending: Cory Adair, Ryan Adair, Kyle Barton, Matt Bell, Mike Bell, James Gilkison, Gregory Klepzig, James Lange, Eric Middleton, Chris Meeks, Kyle Sager, and Adam Van Hoosier.
    Tuesday September 06, 2005 10:05PM
    Hurricane Katrina

    To the Illowa Council Scouting Community:

    We are all saddened and heartbroken over the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast. We will keep our thoughts and prayers with the victims of this tragedy as they continue to struggle and begin to regain their day-to-day operations.

    We have learned that nine Scout Councils in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama were directly affected by the storm. Six council service centers have been forced to completely discontinue all operations, and the Southeast Louisiana Council service center near New Orleans is currently flooded.

    Damage reports from council camps have not yet been confirmed, but as we know from all media sources, massive destruction was incurred throughout the area.

    You can help.

    Relief organizations such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army are integral partners with us in our Good Turn For America efforts. These two organizations are prepared to move forward to meet the human services needs of those affected by this unprecedented disaster in America. We would encourage you to make contributions directly to either of these organizations.

    Red Cross -
    Salvation Army -

    Scouting Units that want to help

    Many Scouting Units have expressed their interest in helping those affected by this tragedy along the gulf coast. There are numerous ways you can help. Visit to find out how.

    Direct Support to Scouting in the Affected Area

    Scouting has been devastated in the Gulf Coast region of our country. Local council employees in this area who have devoted their careers to the mental and physical development of America's youth have lost their homes, all their personal belongings, and in some cases, their jobs. They need your help!

    The National Council has formed the Hurricane Katrina BSA Employee Relief Fund. Contributions to this fund will be used to meet the needs of local council employees and their families.

    Visit to make a contribution.

    Thank you for your generosity and commitment to supporting those of our nation that need our help the most. Please pray for their protection, strength, and well being.


    John Mosby - Scout Executive
    Illowa Council, Boy Scouts of America
    Phone: 563-388-7233

    Monday August 22, 2005 9:27AM
    Troop Car Wash
    Troop 43 held a fund raising Car Wash on Saturday, August 20th. The weather was perfect, participation high and evidently people were looking to get their cars washed. The overall funds raised by the Car Wash and Bake Sale were $351.50. These funds will be allocated to future High Adventure Transportation Accounts.

    Our Special thanks to Sue Rector, Fund Raising coordinator and Car Wash General Manager.

    Thanks to Don Coker, owner of Kwik-Tune Kwik-Lube, who donated use of his facility, utilities and supplies for our Car Wash.

    Good Job Everyone and thanks to all that participated! We appreciate all of your Car Wash material donations and Bake Sale Donations.

    Car Wash General Manager – Sue Rector
    Facilities Manager and Master Mechanic – Don Coker
    Cashier and Bake Sale quality assurance: Julie Adair

    Rookie Car Washers:
    Spencer Barton and several others that I don’t have names for, Sorry!

    Apprentice Car Washers:
    Gregory Klepzig, Mike Bell, Matt Bell, Trevor Wince, Nate Wells, Cory Adair, John Solbrig, and Joe Bierl.

    Journeyman Car Washers: Rickey Rector, Kyle Barton, Ben Wells, James Gilkison, Adam Prosise and Adam Van Hoosier.

    Master Car Washers:
    Sue Rector, Rick Rector, Matt Wince, Chuck Heinselman, Lenny Weiss, Mike Moritz, Chuck Prosise, Tim Barton, Dale Lacina, Nancy Van Hoosier and Mark Van Hoosier.

    Photos of the Car Wash are available on the Troop Web Site.

    Thursday August 18, 2005 12:59PM
    OA Fall Conclave
    Greetings Scouts and Scouters,

    Last weekend the Konepaka Ketiwa Lodge #38 of the Order of the Arrow had its Fall Conclave at Camp Loud Thunder.

    Ben Wells, along with Kyle Barton, Mitchell DeFauw, Jay Graham, Adam Prosise, Rickey Rector, and Adam Van Hoosier completed their Ordeal Weekend and are now Ordeal members of the Brotherhood of the Order of the Arrow.

    The purpose of the Order of the Arrow is fourfold:

    1. To recognize those Scout campers who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives
    2. To develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit
    3. To promote Scout camping
    4. To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others

    During this weekend Scouter Dale Lacina and Scout Cullen Tillberg advanced to be recognized as Brotherhood memebers of the Order. Brotherhood membership marks the completion of your induction into the Order of the Arrow. They were joined by Mike, Jeff, Bryan Moritz, Brian and Mark Van Hoosier as they sealed their commitment to the Order.

    Congratulations to all who were selected to join this great organization!!! I look forward to seeing you take the next step in your Scouting Career.

    Mark Van Hoosier
    Wednesday August 03, 2005 2:13PM
    Yellow River Campout
    Yellow River Forest! What a great place to camp! Pictures are here.

    We camped in a narrow valley, with a trout stream at our backdoor! Those attending: Nate Wells, Cullin Tillberg, Kyle Barton, David Moore, Joe Ellison, Mitchell DeFauw, Don Lavernz, Dale Lacina, and Tim Barton. All agree that this is a place to be visited again.

    On Wednesday the 27th of July after camp was set up, Little Paint Creek beckoned to be fished. Thanks go to Mr. Lavernz and Mr. Lacina for their instruction into the finer points of trout fishing. Mr. Barton has a long way to go before he conquers what he thought were some of the most stubborn and frustrating fish to live on the face of the earth.

    Thursday was a day for exploring the past and hiking at Effigy Mounds National Monument, a 15 mile drive from our campsite. The challenge during the 3+ mile hike was the fact a lot of it is vertical. There are many stops along the way explaining the different mounds that the native Americans built, and the speculation as to why. A lot of this area remains as an ongoing archeological dig.

    The rest of the week was dedicated to the everyday chores - cooking, cleaning, fire building, etc. Of course time was found to fish and provide extra eating in addition to our planned meals.

    One short observation on my part - all six Scouts showed wonderful leadership qualities. Not one boy complained about the work load and got things done without being told.

    On our next trip to Yellow River Forest we can improve the experience in a few ways:

    1. Take bigger water containers. It is a 2 mile drive to the only drinking water.
    2. Build a shower and sink area for personal hygene.
    3. For all campouts, use block ice. With a little extra care, the ice will last 5 days.
    4. Fire wood is scarce, but can be bought just outside the park, so the more we can bring along the better.

    Tim Barton
    Sunday July 31, 2005 11:52AM
    Scout Tragedies
    It has been a tragic week for some of our fellow Scouts.

    On Monday, at the National Scout Jamboree, four adult leaders were killed.

    On Wednesday 300 members of the 40,000 in attendance at the Jamboree were treated for heat-related illnesses.

    On Thursday 2 Scouts, one youth and one adult, were killed by lightning in California.

    These tragedies have saddened me greatly. I hope that we can all learn something from them.

    Sunday July 31, 2005 8:36AM
    Garage Sale
    We are having a garage sale at my mother's house 1604 W. 29th St. on Thursday and Friday, August 25 and 26.

    Troop 43 families are invited to donate items to sell with proceeds going towards a future Troop 43 High Adventure.

    Items can be dropped off at my house 3614 N. Thornwood Ave. before Aug 25 or at my mother's house on Thursday morning Aug 25. Items should be pre-priced and marked with a "B" for Boy Scouts. We will keep track of those tags.

    Last year this event netted the troop $100.

    If you have any questions please contact me.

    Sue Rector
    Monday July 18, 2005 7:12PM
    Scout Day at TPC
    Here is a letter from the Scout Office regarding Scout Day at TPC on Sat Jul 23.
    Monday July 11, 2005 6:39PM
    Fund Raiser

       Troop 43 Car Wash Fundraiser
       9:00AM - ???? Saturday August 20
       9:00AM - ???? Saturday August 27 (rain date)
       KwikTune KwikLube
       1210 E. Kimberly Rd (next to Dahl Ford)
       Scouts and parent volunteers
       2 hoses - one with a nozzle
       Hose splitter
       Rags - sponges - towels - chamois's - soap - buckets
       2 vacuums or shop vacs
       Baked items packaged for $.50 sale
       Donations of canned soda
       Customers - tell your friends and family!!!
       Proceeds will be put aside for a future High Adventure

    If you can help in any way by donating items, providing supplies, showing up to help for a few hours, or if you have any questions please contact Sue Rector.

    Saturday July 09, 2005 7:38AM
    Jay Graham's Mom

    Saturday, July 9, 2005

    Genesis dietician headed to Iraq
    By Steven Martens

    A year ago, Polly Graham of Blue Grass, Iowa, welcomed her husband, Chief Warrant Officer Kirk Graham, home from 18 months of service in Iraq with the Iowa National Guard's 106th Aviation unit.

    Now, it's her turn to serve in the Middle East.

    Polly, 48, chief clinical dietician at Genesis Medical Center-East Rusholme Street, Davenport, and a 16-year veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves, will leave July 18 to serve as head dietician for the 3rd Corps Support Command, overseeing meals in camps and on Middle East battlefields.

    She said her job will include inspecting the sanitary conditions of dining facilities and ensuring that the troops' food is safe and provides them with proper nutrition.

    Graham said she will be only the third person to serve in the relatively new post. The job is part of the military's efforts to improve nutrition programs, which were primitive in the early days of the Iraq war, she said.

    "They did not have any variety," she added. "Maybe they had green beans for a month."

    She said proper nutrition and hydration are critical for troops fighting in the desert.

    "You can't function and do your job if you aren't fed properly," she added.

    For the Grahams, the military always has been a way of life. Polly said her husband was on active duty with the Army during the early years of their marriage, forcing them to move frequently throughout the United States and Germany. When they decided to settle down and raise their family, Kirk retired from active duty and joined the Guard. Polly soon discovered that she missed the military life.

    "Being a spouse with him on active duty, I really enjoyed the community and the atmosphere," she said.

    She recalled the day when her supervisor at the hospital received a letter from the Army Reserves looking for volunteers to serve as dieticians. She said the supervisor read the letter aloud and threw it away. She fished the letter out of the garbage and signed up.

    Now, she is ready to be Maj. Graham full-time for the next two years and put her years of training to the test.

    Her husband says he reacted to the news about her activation with a combination of excitement for his wife and fear for her safety. He has told her to stay busy and stay safe.

    "She's ready to go," he added. "She knows what she needs to do. She's going to step up to the plate."

    He said his biggest concern is the travel from camp to camp that her job will require.

    "When you're right there on the installation, you're basically safe," he said. "Once you step outside of that gate, you have to be ready to fight at any time."

    Polly Graham is confident her husband knows what he has to do to take care of their two children, Jennifer, 21, and Jay, 15, while she is gone.

    She said other people have told her they are concerned how the tour of duty will change her.

    "If it changes me, I guess it was meant to be, and I just hope it is in a positive way," she said. "And I think it will be."

    Graham said she will have to remind herself continually to take time for rest and to take care of herself.

    "It's not like doing shift work where someone will come and relieve me," she said. "I am the only person."

    Graham recently was selected the 2005 Outstanding Dietician of the Year by the Iowa Dietetic Association. She was scheduled to accept the award in November. That will just have to wait until she comes home.

    Thursday July 07, 2005 8:07AM
    New OA Candidates
    Last night I had the pleasure of attending the OA call out for the 4th week of Summer Camp where Troop 43 had 2 boys eligible. I'm happy to announce that Ben Wells was selected.

    Ben along with Kyle Barton, Mitchell DeFauw, Jay Graham, Adam Prosise, Rickey Rector, and Adam Van Hoosier were elected by their fellow Scouts in Troop 43 to join a select number of Scouts in Scouting's National Honor Society. Out of one million eligible Boy Scouts in the U.S., there are only 160,000 OA members.

    The purpose of the Order of the Arrow is fourfold:

    1. To recognize those Scout campers who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives
    2. To develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit
    3. To promote Scout camping
    4. To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others

    All have indicated they plan to complete their Ordeal during the Fall Conclave, Aug 12-14. I encourage our current OA Ordeal members to join them, and seal their membership in the OA by taking part in the Brotherhood ceremony. Brotherhood membership marks the completion of your induction into the Order of the Arrow. I also encourage all Troop 43 OA Brotherhood and Vigil members to join us at the Fall Conclave.

    Congratulations to all who were selected to join this great organization!!! I look forward to seeing you take the next step in your Scouting Career.

    Mike Moritz
    Sunday July 03, 2005 9:10PM
    Summer Camp Summary
    This year we had 28 boys attend the 3rd week of summer camp. We have 2 boys currently attending week 4.

    We had 3 adults (Gary Budelier, Brad Lange, Mike Moritz) stay the entire week and 6 adults (Julie Adair, John Bell, Judy Gilkison, Terry Middleton, John Moore, and Matt Wince) come out at other times during the week.

    Trail Blazers (1st time Summer Camp)
    We had 15 Trail Blazers take 49 Merit Badge classes. They completed 22, earned partials on 24, and 3 Blue Cards are missing. All 15 only need to complete 2a and 2b to complete their Swimming Merit Badge.

    Each Trail Blazer was also given the opportunity to work on 35 rank requirements for Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st Class.
    We had 13 Scouts take 60 Merit Badge classes. They completed 31, earned partials on 25, and 4 Blue Cards are missing.

    Our Troop earned the "Loud Thunder Commissioner's Award" and was given a ribbon for our flag staff. Each day our campsite was inspected and given points for American flag and Troop flag being properly displayed, fire plan followed, camp schedule posted, Troop and camp tools in their proper place, latrine cleaned and grounds clean. We earned the required points for the award, get job guys!!!

    We had 6 boys called out at the OA ceremony. We still have 2 boys who are waiting to see if they will be called out this week. These boys are now ready to take the next step and become OA members, after they complete their Ordeal. Congratulations to Kyle Barton, Mitchell DeFauw, Jay Graham, Adam Prosise, Rickey Rector, and Adam Van Hoosier.

    I completed the Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat classes.

    Our Troop participated in the always fun and entertaining Closing Campfire, performing the Candy Store skit.

    2 of our OA Members, Jeff Moritz and Marcus White, stayed until late Saturday night, assisting with the weekend OA Ordeal.

    There are a few boys who now have all the requirements complete for Rank Advancement, and only need a Board of Review and a Scout Master conference. If your Scout is in this position, let me know and I will schedule a time he can meet with our Leaders and Scout Master to get this completed. It would be best not to wait until our meetings get started up again, as things are pretty hectic at the beginning of the year, and I suspect we have a lot of boys ready.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our Scouts for a successful Summer Camp and each of the parents for helping out.

    I'd also like to extend a big Thank You to my wife Darlene. Darlene started working on the 2005 Summer Camp last December attending the Summer Camp planning meeting. She spent a lot of hours getting the word out to the boys and their families, collecting merit badge schedules, camp physicals, money, and making trips to the Scout Office to get our paper work completed.

    The pictures I took are here. If anyone has any digital pictures let me know, I'd like to add them.

    Yours In Scouting,
    Mike Moritz
    Monday June 13, 2005 7:02PM
    Camp Sacajawea Camp Out - Service Project
    I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone that was able to help out on our Camp Sacajewea Camp Out and Service Project. Adam Prosise and Adam Van Hoosier each did a great job as acting Patrol Leaders. They developed the menus, purchased the food and created the duty rosters for the weekend. They both exhibited good leadership skills during the work project. Kyle Barton and Nate Wells also played a significant role in keeping everyone on task and helped get the dirty work done. The weather was a little warm, with threatening rain each day and the mosquitoes were definitely happy to see new blood on the camp. This camp out was planned to provide service to Camp Sacajewea in appreciation of the Foundation allowing us to use the camp facilities for winter camp outs.

    The following tasks were completed:
    A large mound of dirt/sand was relocated from the side of the new equipment shed and used to fill an area behind the shed.
    Unsplit logs were relocated from several areas around the camp and stacked near the front of the cabin to be split.
    Several dead limbs were removed from the trees that overhang the front porch of the cabin.
    Leaves and other debris from the fall were raked and removed from the porch side of the cabin and the kitchen door area.
    Two logs in the fire ring area were replaced.
    All furniture on the porch was wiped down and the floor was dry mopped.
    The bathroom was completely cleaned and wet mopped.
    The stove was cleaned.
    The refrigerator and micro wave were wiped out.
    The sink was scrubbed and the kitchen floor was wet mopped.
    All of the window sills were vacuumed out.
    The carpet was vacuumed and all shelves were wiped down in the main room.

    I really have to say, that I was totally amazed at how well all of the Scouts worked together to get the job done. They all deserve praise for their efforts. I don't believe that there was a single time that the Scouts needed to be asked to get back to work. Several Scouts took advantage of the camp out to work on rank advancement requirements. We had a great camp fire and a game of hide and seek tag that went well into the night on Saturday night.

    Pictures are here.

    Scouts: Kyle Barton, Eli Kirschbaum, Kyle Sager, Mike and Matt Bell, Adam Prosise, Adam Van Hoosier, Nate Wells and Jacob Yoke.

    Adults: Brad Hammon, Don Laverenz and Mark VH.

    Special thanks to Chuck Prosise and Mike Moritz for coming down and helping with the work projects. Also to Martha Wells for providing extra transportation for Nate and the donation of cleaning supplies. Thanks to Shelly Sager for donations of cleaning materials and paper products. Thanks to Jacob Yokes Uncle Brad for coming along and helping us work, we enjoyed your company.

    Saturday June 04, 2005 3:27PM
    Scouting for Garbage
    Today 13 Scouts and 5 adults worked to clean up our 2 mile stretch of adopted highway. At first it looked like we were going to get soaked with heavy rains. After waiting it out for about 10 minutes, the storms passed over and we were able to complete our cleanup without any rain. Pictures are here.

    After the cleanup, Adam VH, Trevor, Mark and Mike picked up some scrap metal that Don Coker has been collecting for the Troop. We took it to the scrap metal recyclers and earned $55.80, which will be put into the Troop General Funds.

    Thanks to all who helped out and Thanks to Don Coker for collecting and storing the scrap metal!

    Scouts: Cody Adair, Ryan Adair, Matt Bell, Mike Bell, James Gilkison, Eli Kirschbaum, Adam Prosise, Rickey Rector, Kyle Sager, Admam Van Hoosier, Ben Wells, Nate Wells, Tervor Wince

    Adults: Dale Lacina, Mike Moritz, Brian Van Hoosier, Mark Van Hoosier, Martha Wells
    Sunday May 22, 2005 8:57PM
    Troop of the Year
    On May 4, Troop 43 received the Kittan District 2005 Troop of the Year Award. A big thanks to all the Adults who support our Troop and helped make us a Troop to be recognized. Also a big thanks to all the youth whose friendliness make Troop 43 a place Webelo Scouts want to call home. You can view our certificate here.
    Sunday May 22, 2005 8:00PM
    Campout and Court of Honor
    A great weekend for a campout and Court of Honor. I want to thank all of the Scouts, Adults, and Family that camped with us. Hopefully you enjoyed experiencing what your son does at a troop campout. We hope you'll be able to join us again sometime.

    The Court of Honor was a little windy but the shelter was very nice and the food everyone brought to share was very good.

    Pictures are here.
    Monday May 16, 2005 8:45AM

    Troop 43
    Spring Court of Honor

    Sunday May 22, 2005

    Buffalo Bill Shelter
    Scott County Park

    Please make plans to join the troop for this end-of-the-year Pot Luck and Awards Picnic

    Plans are to begin eating at 1:00 p.m.
    Awards Presentation to follow

    Each family is asked to provide:
  • Your own meat (grills will be provided)
  • A salad or vegetable to share
  • Last name A-G: Chips to share
  • Last name H-Z: Dessert to share
  • Your own table service
  • Lawn chairs (Picnic tables are also available)
  • Beverages will be provided.

    This is the end of a troop camp out weekend.
    Families are invited to camp with the troop.
    Families need to provide their own equipment and food for the weekend.
    It is a regular campout for the boys - $6.50 for the food.

    Sunday May 08, 2005 12:58PM
    Lincoln Pilgrimage
    More pictures here, thanks to Mr Lacina.
    Tuesday May 03, 2005 9:07PM
    Trailer Inventory
    Hello all,

    I found myself with a little extra time tonight so I updated the trailer inventory. I threw away any small open pkgs of perishable stuff so all that's left should be good for the next camp out.

    Monday April 25, 2005 10:00AM
    Lincoln Pilgrimage
    This weekend 18 Scouts and 8 Adults participated in the 60th Annual Lincoln Pilgrimage. The Lincoln Pilgrimage has been known for unpredictable weather and this year was no exception. Low temperatures both Fri and Sat night was in the 30's and on Sat it didn't get out of the 40's. We had rain on Friday afternoon/early evening and Saturday morning, and high winds Sat and Sun, which really dropped the wind chill.

    Parents of the boys attending should be very proud. All the boys kept a very positive outlook and never complained about the conditions. For many of the boys, this was their first outdoor campout with the troop and they proved to be hearty Scouts.

    I want to extend 2 special "Thank You" notes:

  • Cullen Tillberg, our Scout In Charge of the campout. This was a new role and Cullen did an outstanding job. We plan on adding this role to future campouts, giving our older Scouts experience in what it takes to make sure our campouts are a success.

  • Our Adult volunteers. We had the regulars, Dale, Don, Mark, and Mike, but we also had some new Adults step up and help out. Gary Budelier, Judy Gilkison, Jon Meeks, and Lenord Weiss. Hopefully, you were able to experience the value and satisfaction or what we do and how it benefits the boys. I look forward to you joining us again.

    Pictures are here.

    Scouts: Cory Adair, Matthew Budelier, Ryan Ellenberg, Joe Ellison, James Gilkison, Eli Kirschbaum, Gregory Klepzig, Chris Meeks, David Moore, Adam Prosise, Jess Robinson, Kyle Sager, John Solbrig, Andrew Soliz, Cullen Tillberg, Adam Van Hoosier, Ben Wells and Nate Wells.

    Adults: Gary Budelier, Judy Gilkison, Dale Lacina, Don Laverenz, Jon Meeks, Mike Moritz, Mark Van Hoosier, and Lenord Weiss

    Mike Moritz
    Wednesday March 30, 2005 5:40PM
    Summer Camp Physicals
    Once again Palmer College has graciously agreed to provide low-cost physicals for Summer Camp and Jamboree. The physicals will be offered on TUESDAY, APRIL 12, AT THE ROCK ISLAND CLINIC (2701 11th St, Rock Island), and WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, AT THE DAVENPORT MAIN CLINIC (1000 Brady St., Davenport). You may choose from 3 time periods: 4-5PM, 5-6PM or 6-7PM, BUT YOU MUST MAKE A RESERVATION by calling the Scout Office at 563-388-7233 to schedule your time. There will be a fee of $5 per person and you MUST TAKE A BSA CLASS 1&2, CLASS 3, or an official JAMBOREE PHYSICAL FORM with you AND HAVE COMPLETED THE FAMILY HEALTH HISTORY portion after Jan. 1, 2005. Please call the Scout Office for your appointment and take the right paperwork their generosity makes this possible and we owe them all our assistance.
    Thursday March 10, 2005 11:31AM
    Troop 43 is Growing
    This past week Troop 43 welcomed 9 new Scouts from Pack 43. Please welcome Cory Adair, Joe Bierl, Matthew Budelier, Tyler James, Gregory Klepzig, James Lange, Eric Middleton, John Solbrig, and Zach Thobe. We hope their journey with us is a rewarding and exciting one.
    Thursday March 03, 2005 9:42PM
    Camp Sacajawea Pictures
    Here are pictures from the campout. Thanks Kyle!
    Tuesday February 22, 2005 3:46PM
    Sacajawea Camp out - Feb. 18-20th

    WOW! 21 Scouts and 6 Adults attended a weekend camp out at Camp Sacajawea in Muscatine, Iowa. Although we didn’t have a formal debriefing about the camp out before we departed for home, the comments that were shared with me at camp and in my van on the way home were all very positive. The boys were divided into two patrols for cooking and cleaning duties. They divided up on their own for the days activities. Kyle Barton provided a compass course for all Scouts that were interested in brushing up on their orienteering, compass skills and rank advancement requirements. Kyle also provided breakfast rolls (made from scratch) for Sunday’s breakfast. Adam VH helped several Scouts identify the North Star and other constellations. Mr. Laverenz worked with younger Scouts on Tote ‘n Chip and Fire ‘n Chit requirements. Everyone participated in hiking and exploring the camp. Mr. Barton provided food for the Rat Patrol and there was ‘nary’ a complaint aired. Most Scouts used this activity to pass rank requirements and all of the adults were busy helping them. We had a variety of weather, from a cool clear night, to a day with snow and an evening with rain. Thanks to Chuck Prosise for getting the Troop access to the camp. Please visit their web site at: for information about the camp and the organization. Special thanks to adult volunteers: John Moore, Tim Barton, Chuck Prosise, Don Laverenz, Brian Van Hoosier and Mark Van Hoosier.
    Thursday February 17, 2005 9:43AM
    A Scout is Prepared
    I received the following email from Mark Van Hoosier today. I don't think I need to tell you how proud of Adam we all should be. This is a great example of the value of being a Boy Scout. Great job Adam!!!



    I had a shining moment with Adam this morning. He was home sick from school yesterday. About 3 in the afternoon a River Bend Transit bus (one of the van style) jumped the curb at my neighbors across the street and went through their yard. It then crossed Grove and crashed into my next door neighbors front stairs. I found out this morning that Adam was on the couch andheard the crash. He jumped up and ran to the window. He shouted to Nancy to call 911, which she did. He ran to his bedroom, got down the family first aid kit, (which he had assembled for the 1st Aid Merit Badge, last year) pulled on shoes and a jacket and ran outside to the bus driver. He asked the bus driver if he was okay and he was. Adam shouted into the bus doorasking if the other two people in the bus were okay and they were. He told them to just stay in their seats until the ambulance and help arrives. He then stayed and talked with the driver to be certain that he was okay until the fire department arrived. Sometimes it all pays off.

    Wow! I am so proud of him.

    Saturday February 05, 2005 10:14PM
    New Patrol Leaders
    On Thursday night new leaders were elected by the Scouts attending the PLC meeting. Please provide your support to the new boys and welcome back the returning leaders.

    Senior Patrol Leaders
    Senior Patrol Leader - Cullen Tillberg
    Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Jeff Moritz

    Black Widows
    Patrol Leader - Mitchell Defauw
    Assistant Patrol Leader - Jay Graham

    BSA Warriors
    Patrol Leader - Rickey Rector
    Assistant Patrol Leader - Nate Wells

    Red-tailed Hawks
    Patrol Leader - Ben Wells
    Assistant Patrol Leader - Adam Van Hoosier

    Patrol Leader - Kyle Barton
    Assistant Patrol Leader - Adam Prosise

    New Scouts
    Guide - Marcus White
    Friday January 28, 2005 9:46PM
    Scoutmaster Benediction
    And now, may the Great Scoutmaster, of all Great Scouts, be with us till we meet again. May we follow the right path to Heaven.

    Tuesday January 25, 2005 6:42PM
    Klondike Derby
    More pictures are here. Thanks Mr Lacina!!

    Results of the Klondike are here.

    Monday January 17, 2005 10:27AM
    Klondike Derby
    This weekend 19 hearty Scouts, 9 Webelos, and 9 adults braved the frigid temperatures and participated in the Kittan District Klondike Derby at Camp Loud Thunder. One of our Patrols came in 3rd Place in the Iditarod Trail sled race. Congratulations to all who participated.

    19 Scouts and 6 adults also spent the weekend camping in Thunder Lodge. The conditions were a little tight but everyone worked together and had a good time.

    I have few pictures here. Mr Lacina took a lot more and will be posted as soon as I get them.

    Scouts: Ryan Adair, Kyle Barton, Matt Bell, Mike Bell, Ryan Ellenberg, James Gilkison, Jay Graham, Eli Kirschbaum, Chris Meeks, David Moore, Adam Prosise, Jess Robinson, Kyle Sager, Adam Van Hoosier, Josh Vinar, Ben Wells, Nathan Wells, Trevor Wince, and Jake Yoke

    Adults: Don Coker, Tim Barton, Dale Lacina, Nathan Lacina, Don Laverenz, Mike Moritz, and Matt Wince

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